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Skippered Charter booking conditions

The below booking conditions are in connection with Skippered Charter products offered by Sailing Escapes d.o.o. We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at anytime.


Our Details

Sailing Escapes d.o.o whose registered address is C/O Sailing Escapes d.o.o, Jelačićev Trg 7, 51000 Rijeka, Hrvatska, OIB14432634956 is a subsidiary of Sailing Escapes Limited. Sailing Escapes Limited is a private limited company whose registered address is C/O Christian Douglas, 2 Jordan Street, Knott Mill, Manchester, England, M15 4PY with company registration number 04974974.

Terms and Meanings

When used in the ´Skippered charter booking conditions the following terms shall have the meaning as set out below.



Us                                                 Means                    Sailing Escapes d.o.o           


Lead Guest                                 Means                  The person who has accepted a quote

You                                                                             on our Quote Acceptance Form

Booking Cost                             Means                   Total Amount accepted from quote offer       



1. Application

a) These booking conditions will apply between Sailing Escapes d.o.o and all named guests on the Quote Acceptance Form once a deposit has been paid.
b) It is the responsibility of the Lead Guest to ensure all named guests have read and understood these booking conditions.

2. Booking Procedure

a) Once a quote request has been received we shall send a quote offer along with a Quote Acceptance Form (QAF) and our Skippered Charter Booking Conditions.
b) To proceed to make a booking the Lead Guest is required to accept the quote offered on the provided QAF, list names of all other guests and select their preferred payment method. Lead Guest must have permission from all other guests to do so.

c) Upon acceptance of the quote, we shall send a payment link to Lead Guest’s provided email address for the deposit amount noted on quote offer.
e) Receipt of deposit acts as a confirmation of booking.
f) At confirmation of booking we will send an invoice (named ‘Booking Confirmation’) with payment schedule.


3. Payment

a) We send secure payment links to you via email and offer multiple payment options as follows:

i) Pay balance in full at booking.
ii) Pay deposit at booking, remaining balance due 49 days before departure. iii) Pay deposit at booking, receive payment links for multiple guests, balance due 49 days before departure.

b) When payment links are sent to multiple guests it is the responsibility of the Lead Guest to ensure payments are made. We will not chase individual guests for their payment. We will inform Lead Guest of late payments.
c) If you become aware that a payment is going to be made late you must notify us via our email address before the due date. In doing so we will endeavor to provide a new payment plan to suit both you and us, however we cannot guarantee this can be achieved.

d) If scheduled payments are not made and you do not make contact with us, we will treat the booking as cancelled by you.


4. Cancellations and Changes by You

a) To inform us of your desire to cancel your booking you must notify us via our email address
b) The table below sets out the % of the booking cost to be forfeited in the event of cancelation by you depending on how many days is remaining until your departure date.


Days till departure date         % Of booking cost forfeited

> 91 Days                                  Full Deposit

91 - 49 Days                             40%

49 – 22 Days                            70% 

21 – 0 Days                               100%

c) You can request to add additional passengers to, or cancel passengers from your booking via our email address There must be available space onboard your booked Yacht for the additional passengers. We reserve the right to charge a non-refundable administration fee for this service.
d) If you require changes to either the specification of your yacht or to the itinerary noted on your Booking Confirmation we require you to email us your request to We will inform you on a case-to-case basis if this is a possibility and send a revived quote for you to accept. We cannot guarantee your request will be met.

5. Cancellations and Changes by us

a) We reserve the right to cancel your booking. We will not make cancellations less than 49 days to your departure date except for reasons under clause 6 of this document (Force Majeure) or your failure to pay the balance on schedule.
b) If we have to cancel your booking, we will offer a full refund to you or an alternative trip of similar standard.

c) We reserve the right to make changes to your itinerary up to 21 days before your departure. We will notify the Lead Guest of these changes. If you do not accept these changes you have the right for a full refund.
d) Once your trip has started we reserve the right to make changes to your itinerary to ensure the safety of the vessel and/or passengers. We offer no compensation in these circumstances.

6. Force Majeure

a) In these booking conditions Force Majeure means any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control that effect our ability to operate including, but not limited too, strikes, wars, riots, terrorist activity, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes and power shortages.

b) We reserve the right to cancel your booking at anytime if we are unable to operate because of an unforeseeable event.

c) Note - any restrictions, local/national lockdowns, flight cancellations/changes or any actions taken by governments, suppliers etc as the result of COVID-19 is not covered under Force Majeure.

7. Travel Documents

a) We do not accept any responsibility if you are unable to travel because you have not complied with any travel documentation requirements i.e. passport, Visa.
b) It is the responsibility of each individual guest to ensure they have a valid passport to travel for the whole duration of their booking.

c) It is the responsibility of each individual guest to ensure they comply with any visa requirements to travel in Croatia.
d) Sailing Escapes d.o.o requires all passengers to hold valid travel insurance for the duration of their booking.

e) At least 49 days before your departure date we will send you a Pre Departure Document. This will contain information regarding your starting Marina, in-country contact information, suggested items to bring etc. This document may be requested earlier via emailing but will be subject to change.


8. Complaints

a) If you are to have any issues or complaints during your trip please inform members of Sailing Escapes crew on board as soon as possible. If it is more appropriate then you are to contact our in-country management whose details are listed in the Pre Departure Document provided to you.

b) We ask that all issues and/or complaints arising during a trip be raised as soon as possible so we have the opportunity to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
c) If you are to end a trip feeling dissatisfied with the service provided, we ask you to write to us at your earliest convenience via our email address


9. Data Protection

a) We will use and process your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website here or a PDF version request via emailing

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